Terms and Conditions

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Participation in this event is limited to The Advocates’ Society (the “Society”) members and their guests.

The Registration Fee, Land Package and Accommodation are an integrated package, which includes expenses related to the overall planning and operation of the program. The Advocates’ Society requires that Fall Convention participants register and pay for the Land Package and the Accommodation through Travel Impresarios, the travel agency being used by the Convention organizer. The Society also requires that participants book their accommodations through Travel Impresarios so that the Society can fulfill minimum booking requirements in their contract with the hotel. Individuals making their own hotel arrangements will not be eligible to participate in any aspect of the Fall Convention.

Each Society member must pay the registration fee. The registration fee includes a portion of the costs to operate the CPD program, provide conference materials, offer the CPD program refreshment breaks and to pay for other related expenses.

Airfare, hotel space and some aspects of this package are subject to availability, so we recommend that you confirm your reservation with us and book your flights as soon as possible. We cannot be held responsible for any issues that arise in respect to availability or the actions of third-party suppliers.

The group flights and fares indicated on the web site are group air fares based on a contract with the airline. If the number of participants on any flight drops below 10 then the fare for that flight will have to be adjusted to the market rate. After you purchase an airline ticket, if the airline makes a flight change or cancellation that affects the program, we will provide you with the best available flight options and notify you of any change in the applicable cost of the flights. We cannot control flight changes and/or cancellations and thus cannot be liable for any costs that arise therefrom.

Trip Price

The Trip Price is due at the time of registration.  Payment in full must be received to confirm your reservation. You may choose to pay by credit card or cheque. If you choose to pay by credit card, then there will be an additional 3.0% fee added in order to cover the fee charged by the credit card company.

The Registration fees, Airfare, Land Package and Accommodation purchase prices include surcharges, government taxes and local government taxes, which are subject to change in accordance with airline and government action. In the event of a change in taxes or charges there may be a supplemental charge. We will immediately notify you of any such cost changes.

The services in the Land Package and the Accommodation are provided in a multiplicity of currencies. The prices listed are based on the exchange rate secured when the program was created. If there is a significant change in the relative value of the applicable currencies, we reserve the right to adjust the prices to account for the change in values, and charge participants a supplemental fee.


There will be a minimum administrative charge of $250 CAD per person + HST for changes made following receipt of your registration and payment in addition to any additional cost from suppliers incurred due to the changes.

Cancellation Penalties

If you cancel your participation in the Trip, you must provide notice of cancellation in writing.

Your deposit will be fully refunded in the event of cancellation of the Convention by The Advocates' Society.

If you cancel, you must provide notice of cancellation in writing. There will be an administrative cost of $250 CAD per person + HST payable for each cancellation. In addition, the following cancellation terms shall apply:


The cost of the airline ticket is non-refundable. It may be possible to receive a credit for future travel equal to the value of your ticket minus an airline fee for cancellation and rebooking. The credit for future travel must typically be used within one year of the date the ticket was originally issued. The credit typically must be used by the person whose name is on the ticket that cancelled. These rules for cancellation can be changed by the airlines and this commentary is merely an example of current conditions at the time of the creation of this website.

Registration Fee, Accommodation Costs, & Land Package

If you cancel your registration up to June 1, 2023, then you will be entitled to the return of 25% of the cost of the Accommodation Costs and 50% of the Registration and Land Package Fees. If you cancel after June 1, 2023, then all amounts paid are non-refundable.

In each instance we will attempt to mitigate the cost of the cancellation, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to vary from the terms indicated above. If you are able to find someone to purchase your package from you then there will simply be a change fee of $250 CAD per person + HST in addition to any additional cost incurred from suppliers to make the name change, if permitted. The Advocates' Society will attempt to replace your spot on the Trip and a refund of your payment will be considered if the Conference is fully subscribed.

The cost of any airline ticket, train ticket, ferry ticket or any ticket of a Third-Party Supplier which we purchase on your behalf is subject to the terms and conditions of the ticket purchased.

Third-Party Suppliers

Travel Impresarios has selected the most appropriate suppliers to provide services for the Trip, including accommodation, transportation, restaurant or food services, entertainment services, local tours, events and local destination services associated with this Trip (“Third Party Suppliers”). These services are obtained from independent Third Party Suppliers over whom Travel Impresarios has no direct control or responsibility.

Airfare, hotel space and other aspects of this Trip are subject to availability and provided by Third Party Suppliers, so we recommend you confirm your reservation with us and book your flights as soon as possible. We cannot be held responsible for any issues that arise in respect to availability, cancellations or other actions of Third-Party suppliers.

The Trip may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond Travel Impresarios’ control. We reserve the right to make changes to the Trip as necessary to deal with changes made by or availability issues related to or caused by Third Party Suppliers.

After you purchase an airline ticket, if the airline makes a flight change or cancellation that affects your participation in the Trip, we will do everything we can to either change your flight (if we have booked it) or to modify the program to match your changed arrival or departure times, if possible. We cannot control flight changes and/or cancellations and you will be solely responsible for any costs that arise therefrom.


Weight and size restrictions may apply on flights. Check with the airline for other baggage restrictions applicable to internal and international flights. Baggage and personal effects are at owner's risk throughout the travel program.


We are required by law to recommend that you purchase travel cancellation and health insurance.

We strongly recommend you purchase cancellation insurance to protect yourself from unexpected circumstances that may cause you to cancel your trip. In particular, the impact of COVID-19 on travel means that elements of your trip are beyond the control of Travel Impresarios – this may include border closures, and government-mandated quarantines or regulations. We will do our utmost to assist you, but any costs associated with cancellations or delays are your responsibility. We should caution that the terms of such insurance cannot be controlled by us and may not provide coverage for cancellation in all circumstances.

Before travelling on a trip, we strongly recommend you review your personal insurance and health insurance to ensure you have coverage appropriate to meet your needs, and the needs of your family and dependents, in case of any loss of property or illness, injury or death. We will do our utmost to ensure your safety; however, Travel Impresarios is not liable for any expenses or changes to your ability to participate in the Trip due to medical conditions or medical emergencies.

Travel Documents

Valid Travel documents are required for entry to most countries. Travel documents, which may include, but are not limited to, visas, passports, proof of vaccination, proof of COVID-19 testing, proof of medical insurance, and any other government-mandated documentation required by countries to which you are travelling may vary according to the nationality of each traveler and may change at any time for reasons beyond our control. Although we endeavour to provide you with accurate information about these requirements it remains your responsibility to verify that you have the appropriate travel documents related to this trip for your nationality. We recommend that you check with the appropriate consulate or embassy for the latest Travel document requirements for your destination.

We are not responsible for and cannot control the actions of the immigration and customs officers of the country to which you are travelling. In the unlikely situation, that you are denied entry to those countries, we cannot be held liable for any costs that you may incur, including the cost to cancel or rearrange any of your travel arrangements or your participation in the Trip.

Force Majeure

It is a very unlikely situation, but circumstances outside of our control, such as force majeure events, including but not limited to world events, acts of war, terrorism, civil unrest, quarantine, curfew, natural disaster, pandemic, epidemic, the further spread of the Corona virus or other viruses or diseases, government action, and other causes outside of Travel Impresario’s control, could lead to the Trip being cancelled. In such a case, Travel Impresarios will endeavour to refund payments received. We ask that you recognize that there are expenses, including unrecoverable third-party deposits, that we cannot recoup as the planned date of the Trip approaches and as a result, a refund is not always possible. We will make every effort to recover, for the benefit of our travelers, as many of those expenses as we are able.

Travel Impresarios cannot be held liable for any costs related to the cancellation of your airline ticket or other costs that you might have incurred personally. We highly recommend that you purchase cancellation insurance to mitigate the costs associated with any cancellation of the trip, by you or us.


We agree not to share personally identifiable information about you with third parties, except where necessary to provide you with the services and products identified in this Trip.

Waiver, Voluntary Assumption of Risk & Release

Any reference to "Us" or "We" or "Our" in this document includes Travel Impresarios, Buzz Management Inc., The Advocates’ Society and their employees, officers, directors, successors, independent contractors, agents, and assigns.

It is the responsibility of Canadian travelers to become informed about the health, safety, security, and other risks of travel to the countries where they are travelling, including a review of any travel notices or advisories from the Government of Canada. A source of these notices or advisories is: https://travel.gc.ca/destinations. Please note that there may be Health Canada Travel Health Notices in effect for the Corona virus and other health concerns. More information on these notices can be found at: https://travel.gc.ca/traveling/health-safety/travel-health-notices.

It is the responsibility of Travelers originating from other countries to become informed about the health, safety, security, and other risks of travel to the countries where they are travelling, as documented by their home country.

Each traveler acknowledges that they have informed themselves about the health, safety and security risks related to travel to the countries where they are travelling as noted by government of their country of origin, including the possibility of personal injury, contraction of illness, death, or property damage, and voluntarily assumes all these risks.

Risks related to travel also include the likely presence of the virus that causes COVID-19, including variants
(collectively “COVID-19”). Rates of COVID-19 infection may be higher, and rates of vaccination may be lower at the locations of your Trip than in Canada, and that the sophistication and availability of therapies, medical practitioners and hospital beds for treatment of COVID-19 may be impaired. Laws, regulations, customs, and policies related to COVID-19 in the destinations and premises where you will travel on Trip (“Local Covid Regulations”) may be different than in Canada. There are other risks associated with the Trip, such as theft or loss of or damage to property.

The services provided in connection with the trip, including accommodation, transportation, restaurant or food services, entertainment services, local tours, events, and local destination services associated with this Trip, are obtained from independent Third-Party Suppliers that we do not own and over whom We have no control. We act solely as agents for the client with respect to all Third-Party Suppliers. All such persons and entities are independent contractors. In that capacity, We exercise all reasonable care possible to ensure the traveler's safety and satisfaction, but, we are not responsible or liable for any acts or omissions of any Third Party Suppliers, other unrelated companies or entities, government agents, or individuals causing loss, damage or injury of any kind to any party, while supplying including accommodation, transportation, restaurant or food services, entertainment services, local tours, events and local destination services or any other service or function connected with this Trip ("Third-Party Damage").

Each participant hereby acknowledges that We cannot be liable for Third Party Damage connected with this Trip and, for valuable consideration, hereby waives and releases Us, and any of Our directors, officers, employees, staff or independent contractors retained to assist with this Trip, from any and all actions or causes of action or liability related to any Third Party Damage or any loss, damage or any injury of any kind, which may arise from your participation in the Trip; except for the loss, damage or injury that is caused directly from the negligence or willful misconduct of Travel Impresarios.

We are not responsible for damages, additional expenses, losses, or other costs due to cancellation, delay, or other changes services, provided by any Third-Party Supplier. Any damages, additional expenses, losses or costs must be borne solely by the client. We are not responsible for delays, changes or cancellation costs due to incorrect, incomplete or expired Travel Documents.