We invite you to a 50 year celebration at our Technology Experience Center September 17 - 19.

We have so much to celebrate, it can't be contained in just one day!

Please join us for speakers on topics ranging from:

  • 'Industrial Hygiene in Manufacturing'
  • 'International Manufacturing: AMT Perspective'
  • 'Manufacturing Websites: Lead Generation Tips'
  • And more (click through to agenda)

While we’re committed to education, we also enjoy the lighter side of life and what better way to express that than America's favorite pastime . . . baseball! Baseball requires effort from every team member. A good team has everyone working together putting in their best effort. We like to think that Hastings is like a baseball team. Everyone has their position to play and every position affects the outcome and success of our business.

Our open houses will include:

  • Guest Speakers
  • Appearances from the World Famous Racing Sausages
  • Tailgate Games & Raffles
  • Food & Beverages
Please join us September 17, 18 & 19, 2019 as we honor the accomplishments of the past 50 years and celebrate the future!

About Hastings


Fifty years ago a legacy began. Rooted in the notion of hard work and family it has since branched out with the aim to improve the health and lives of manufacturers through clean, breathable air.

In 1969, Walter Bohrer bought Hastings Distributing Company and one year later, formed Hastings Air Energy Control to deliver solutions that would improve the health and lives of manufacturers by creating cleaner workplaces. Today, we are able to continue that mission due to a foundation of continuous innovation. During these past 50 years, loyal clients, industry partners, dedicated employees, and many forward-thinking leaders contributed to our success.

Today, Hastings Air Energy Control is a division of the Air Quality Group (AQG), which includes IVEC Systems, FumeVac, and Applied Air Systems. We are continually striving to provide the most effective and innovative air cleaning solutions.